Questions, Questions, Questions!

We have had a great week continuing to find out about our bodies. The children have been thinking of questions they would like answers to.
Here are a few:
Why do we have a spine?
Is everyone’s blood the same colour?
Do slugs have a skeleton?
Why do people have different coloured eyes?

If you have an answer to these questions please let us know in the blog.
If you have any other questions about bodies add them to the blog.

Happy blogging!
Mrs Fennelly and Mrs Holland

4 thoughts on “Questions, Questions, Questions!

  1. Stanley says:

    You have to have a spine so you can stand up tall.
    Slugs don’t have skeletons.
    I don’t know if everyone has the same colour blood.
    People have different coloured eyes because they are made different.

  2. Reuben answers are:
    1. You have a spine to hold your back up straight otherwise you flop down like a wet sock.
    2. Everyone’s blood is the same colour but it is light red when it is oxygenated and dark red when it doesn’t have much oxygen.
    3. Slugs do not have a skeleton.
    4. I don’t know why people have different coloured eyes. It shows that they come from different places.

  3. Great answers Stanley and Reuben!

    I wonder if children have the same colour eyes as their Mummy or Daddy?

    Have a look at the colour of your eyes are they the same as anyone in your family?

    Mrs Holland

  4. 1. We have a spine to keep us up says Joe.
    2 yes
    3 No. Worms don’ t have a spine either says Joe.
    4. Everyone is different says Joe.

    Joe liked the dice game too.

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