Rabbits in Danger!!!

We had a fabulous drama afternoon today when we developed a story based on a community of rabbits who found they were being spied on by something or someone.
After discussion with a farmer we found out it was a fox! Interestingly the farmer turned out to be the enemy who knew about golden carrots growing on the rabbit’s field.
The fox was actually their friend who wanted to help the rabbits find the golden carrots. After lots of searching and team work the golden carrots were found and the farmer was never seen again! This allowed the rabbits, fox, badgers and mice to live happily on the field.
Hooray for rabbit team work!!!!

Which part of the drama did you like best?
Could there have been a different ending?



4 thoughts on “Rabbits in Danger!!!

  1. I liked jumping into the burrows and finding the golden carrots.

    A different ending to the story could be one where the rabbits got caught in a cage by the farmer, but I would like the rabbits to still get lots of carrots in the end.

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