Year 1 found a mysterious gold box in the classroom on Monday…
We were not allowed to open it until the end of the lesson so we thought of some fantastic questions about what could be inside it, who had left it and why it was in our classroom?

When we opened it we discovered some beans!
We were sure they were magic so we planted them outside.
The next day an enormous beanstalk had grown!
This has led us on to some amazing writing about what could be at the top and who lives there.
Most of us thought it would be a ginormous, ugly, lazy giant!

What a fun week!

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  1. I am looking forward to starting in year 1. Over the holidays I did lazer zone and had fun shooting my my friend Thomas.

    It was my birthday on the holidays and I had a pirate party and we dug for treasure, had a sweet buffet and played pass the parcel.

    I was lucky and went on holiday with nana and grandad as well as going on holiday with mummy, daddy, Oliver and grandma and pops.

    I have had so much fun and to end the holidays mummy took us to the ice cream parlour.

    William civil

    • Hi William lovely to hear from you! We are very glad that you had such an exciting holiday and birthday. We got your fantastic postcards in the post at school and you can share them with your friends in class also. Glad you are looking forward to Year One, we are looking forward to teaching you all too.
      Mrs Holland and Mrs Fennelly 🙂

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