The Three Little Pigs


This week we have been learning about the story of the 3 Little Pigs. We have been learning lots of new drama techniques such as ‘sculpting’ and ‘freeze framing’ and ‘role on the character’ We even got to meet the wolf’s mummy who told us that the wolf just wanted to be friends with the little pigs!
Can you remember any of the words we used to describe the wolf?

4 thoughts on “The Three Little Pigs

  1. Hi my name is Alina, I will give you a little challenge on guessing my setting:

    The water hurried and the salty taste flushed my mouth. The sand tickled my flowing tail… The different fish swam around making the coral reef bright and colourful. As I swam deeper I saw the massive big cream coloured shell. There was the Merking looking proud on it’s throne. Turning left there’s a long lost ship, no one actually knows what’s in side. On the ship there’s always a starfish carnival with lots of music!


  2. Hello my name Charlie and I will be describing a fairy-tale on this blog post. Once there was a 10 year old girl hopping and skipping her way to a huge house. When she got there the door was open and she shouted
    ” Is anyone home! ” She sat on the biggest chair and said ” this is uncomfortable.” Then she sat in a medium chair and said ” this is to hard for my liking.” Then she saw the smallest chair and said ” this is the best.” THE END

  3. Hi my name is Alexandra. Can you guess what setting I’m describing?
    She was walking into the creepy forest it was full of mini beasts. She could smell the delicious food in her basket she could also smell the scent of the trees. She stopped to pick some flowers. Later on that day she was still in the woods she heard something behind the trees so she went to see what it was, it was a grey huge fierce looking animal he had great big teeth and also very big eyes.

  4. Hello my name is Max and I will be describing fairy tails .
    Onece upon a time there was three little pink things . The pink things lived in a cottage with there mother . The pink things were always fighting ,so there mother told them to leave . So they did .The first pink thing was walking along a field a man with some straw . The pink thing took the straw and built a house nearby .Then the second pink thing was walking along a path and found a man with some sticks . The pink thing built a house . Then the third pink thing was walking along a wood and found a man with some bricks ,so then the pink thing built a house with the bricks .

    BY MAX

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