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  1. Hello year 1! Year 6 have also been working on settings and we would like to play ‘ Guess the setting’ with you. We will blog a short paragraph for you to read and work out the setting.

  2. Hi my name is Maisy and this is my setting for you :
    There is a little cottage and it is dark brown with jagged edges on the bottom of the roof . It has a shiny gold door handle , and four windows two on the bottom and two on the top . There are seven beds up the stairs in one bedroom they are all lined up with a gap between so people can get out of them . The blankets on the beds are multi-coloured and they have been knitted . Around the outside of the cottage there is beds of daisies , roses and lavender . Around the flowers there are apple trees which somebody planted .

  3. Hi year1 Matilda Class my name is Sarah. We have been told to describe a setting for you to guess. So, here is mine:

    The wind blew on the beautiful young girls hair, and the flowers danced in the sun. She skipped along the road with a smile on her face. However she was not alone she was accompanied by three others. So, they all skipped happily along the yellow bricked road. The were skipping toward a green coloured building, with towers all along the front. A guard stood in front of the tall building with a unhappy look on his face. When they got to the man he said “Welcome to…..”

    Can you guess what he said?

  4. Hi my name is Hollie and I would like if you could guess what my setting is:

    The house was horrible, there was rotten food every were because the mother wouldn’t clean it up she will just put it in the sink and leave it there. One small girls room was full of books and a bed and a chest of drawers. This house has a kitchen but it has disposable plates in it because the family like to eat their dinner in front of the television set.

  5. Hello Matilda class!
    I am Eliza I am going to describe a setting from a movie. I’m guessing you all know this movie but can you try to guess what movie is this that I am describing and reply. Thanks hope you enjoy!

    The shinny glittering books were on some wooden hard shelf’s. The girl wore a yellow dress which was as bright as the sun. The horrible beast was wearing a marvellous suit, they danced on the glittering floor that was shinning from the dangling chandler. On the glimmering chandler, there was sparkled crystals that sparkled the room up[it could blind your eyes!]. But then the calm music paused so everything stopped and went back to normal.
    by Eliza
    I hoped you enjoyed and have guessed what movie this. Thanks!

  6. Hello Matilda class, my name is Selin
    I have got a setting here for you to try and guess so I hope you have a go!
    In the middle of a lush green valley in the middle of England sat a small brick house. It was made with bright yellow bricks that had white lining and stones imbedded deep in side them. The house had miniature dark res paved roof that sat perfectly on the top. At the front of the house sat a large oak wood door with a gleaming gold handle and door knocker. On every side of the building sat rectangular glass windows with bright white scaffolding. Inside the house was a living room with a big sofa that was bright pig and could fit three little animals on it an a flat screen tv, a kitchen with your usual equipment and well it was a normal house!
    hope you enjoyed it!

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