To infinity… and beyond!

What a fantastic day the children have had! The children spent the morning fully immersed in our theme of ‘Out of this World’. Great team working skills were present as they planned out and negotiated how they would build their space rocket. They learnt about how craters are formed on the moon and got to experiment with how it happens, made some colourful bubble planets and finally designed a space helmet to protect them on their journey into space!
To end our morning we found ourselves blasting through the atmosphere, touching down on the moon and after all that needed a sit down and a chocolate finger to munch on whilst staring at the stars.

What was your favourite thing about today?
Can you tell me something that you learnt?
What skills did you use today?
Why was there a flag on the moon?

We are all buzzing with excitement for the rest of our learning this term…


2 thoughts on “To infinity… and beyond!

  1. Libby is sat in bed with her sister telling her all about moon cakes, chocolate figures , rockets and space! They should be asleep but libby obviously loving the topic!”

  2. Brilliant, so glad that Libby is enjoying our topic. It is a very exciting one with lots of fun learning activities involved. Hope her sister enjoyed hearing all about it! Thanks for you comment, Mrs Holland 🙂

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