A mystery suitcase…

Year One have begun to read the story of The Way Back Home. Today we looked at the first page and studied a picture of a little boy pulling a boat with a suitcase inside.
Then we found the suitcase in the classroom!
We thought of lots of questions about what could be inside!

Then we opened it…

Inside were lots of exciting things belonging to the little boy, all about the moon and things he could use to help him on his adventures.

We then thought about what we would take with us to the moon.

What would you pack in your suitcase on a trip to the moon?
What was your favourite item in the little boy’s suitcase!


2 thoughts on “A mystery suitcase…

  1. I would take a compass to see which way I am going north or south and some binoculars so I can see things that are far away from me on the moon.
    I will also take a torch as it is very dark up in space.
    I also want to take some food with me, the boy did not pack any food in his suitcase so he must be starving.
    They boy also took a toy squirrel but I would take my cuddly pillow which is a heart shape.

  2. What fantastic ideas Addison. You have put a lot of thought into what you would take with you and the reasons why, well done. I really enjoyed that book, I hope you did too. 🙂 Mrs Holland

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