A BIG well done!

Wow! What a fantastic 2 days we have had of Nativity performances!
You have all been superstars and performed your hearts out. The narrators spoke clearly, you sang beautifully and you acted out your parts brilliantly.
Well done on such fantastic performances!

What was your favourite part?

Miss Gedney

4 thoughts on “A BIG well done!

  1. I liked little donkey, silent night, Shepherds dance,we wish you a merry Christmas and on the road to Bethlehem.
    From Alyssa

  2. My husband and l had a very entertaining afternoon watching the Nativity performance by reception and years 1and 2 .We would like to congratulate all the staff for the hard work that must have been put in to organise such a performance which the children so obviously enjoyed doing .

  3. Was brilliant, well done everyone!
    Katherine loves Shepherds Dance and We Wish you a Merry Christmas the best and has been singing around the house!

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