A little sneak peek…!

Well, what a week! We have been SO busy but our focus this week has been on some amazing writing about Caliban ready for our TLC’s next week and our Tempest Showcase.

Earlier in the week we wrote a character description all about Caliban, describing the way he walks, talks, acts and looks. Then, we worked together to edit your work.

Today, we started writing our final presentation pieces…I was a little bit nervous about this because I thought it would be a bit too tricky, but WOW, I was wrong and you have completely impressed me! The writing you have produced is absolutely amazing, both the content and the presentation. You were so calm and mature about copying up your work, you didn’t fuss and gave it 100% effort.

Here is a little sneak peak for you to have a look at before you see the final product next week! I can’t wait to meet with you and your families to share your amazing work recently. What are you most proud of?


You are all superstars! I have shared some of your writing with others because I am SO proud of you!

Keep it up!

Miss Gedney


14 thoughts on “A little sneak peek…!

  1. Katherine: I am proud of my spellings in my writing. I loved the Tempest topic and learning about all the characters in the story. I drew mummy Caliban’s eyes.

    • Me too Katherine! You have been working hard. We can show Mummy and Daddy all your hard work this week – well done! 1 Dojo. Miss Gedney

  2. I really like the Tempest and the storm, especially Caliban because he looks really funny. I proud of my similes, using and and the adjectives I did.

    • I am very proud too Robert! You have been working hard. I’m looking forward to showing Mummy and Daddy all your hard work! Well done – 1 Dojo! Miss Gedney

  3. I really love The Tempest and I love writing about Caliban and all the characters. I am proud of all my work, especially my Maths.

    • I can tell you have enjoyed the Tempest Emily, you have been working so hard! I am looking forward to showing Mummy and Daddy all your hard work this week! Well done – 1 Dojo! Miss Gedney

    • Me too Ben! I’m looking forward to you copying up your work ready to show Mummy and Daddy! Thank you for commenting. 1 Dojo! Miss Gedney

  4. Caliban is as slimey as a frog and as green as a frog. He also has gems on him and he’s red. Green on one side and red on the other side. My favourite characters are Caliban, Prospero and Miranda. Miranda is very pretty and Prospero and Caliban are very handsome.

    I am now learning about artists. We’ve learned all about Georgia O’Keefe. She likes to paint flowers, the sea and animal bones! She was born on a farm and lived to 89yrs old and she was pretty.

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