Georgia O’Keefe

This week, we were introduced to a new artist – Georgia O’Keefe.

Can you remember a fact about her?

We have been looking at some of her pictures then today we started to draw and paint our own. I let you have free choice of colour and design and I was very impressed with the outcome! You chose the colours thoughtfully and mixed them well. Well done!

Here are some of you in action this afternoon.

Image Image-2 Image-3 Image-4 Image-5

You are all fantastic artists!

Miss Gedney 🙂


13 thoughts on “Georgia O’Keefe

  1. Katherine remembers she lived on a farm for a very long time. She loved painting mountains and flowers. We googled Georgia O’Keefe and looked at her wonderful paintings.

  2. Sam says she was born on a farm and she liked to paint animals, flowers and animal bones. (Not sure if animal bones is correct!)

  3. Robert says she was born on a farm and lived there until she was old…98! She liked to paint flowers, mountains, sea shells and animal bones. :-). He thinks his colours got in a mess at the end but he liked his painting so far.

    • Well done Robert. I really liked your painting Robert, you took lots of care with it and will be able to finish it soon! Miss Gedney

  4. As Emily is stuck at home with Chickenpox we have been looking at Georgia O’Keefe on the internet. Emily particularly liked her paintings of flowers and landscapes. We were surprised to read that she lived until she was 98 and that in the 1970’s she lost most of her eyesight but still kept painting afterwards! We also talked about how she didn’t like being called a female artist because she knew she was just as good or even better than the male artists. We are going to get the paints out tomorrow and see if we can do some Georgia O’Keefe style paintings.

    • Well done Emily, brilliant research! I really hope you are starting to feel better! I would love to see your painting when you come back to school. Miss Gedney

  5. Georgia O Keefe painted lots of animal bones when she was little because her Mum and Dad were Farmers. When she was a grown up she painted lots of flowers. I thought the paintings were very pretty.

  6. Alice left you a message last week on your previous blog called ‘A Little Sneak Peak’ regarding this artist. She accidentally typed 89yrs, instead of 98yrs.

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