A new book for a new week…

This week, we are going to be starting a new book. Out of all the books we read and learn about in Year 1, this one is my favourite!

Here is the front cover below…I’ve hidden the title though so it is a secret until Tuesday!


What can you see?

What do you think the book might be about?

Who is that person?

Can you make a prediction about the book?

Think about our new theme – ‘Growing and Changing’, it might give you some clues!

If you have read the book already…please keep it a secret – you will be an expert!

See you tomorrow.

Miss Gedney 🙂

9 thoughts on “A new book for a new week…

  1. Katherine: I can see a boy reading a book sitting in a garden. The garden has trees that look like butterflies and birds.
    I think the boy will have adventures in the garden that have come to life from his reading book.
    It looks a good story as it’s front cover is colourful and exciting.

  2. I think this is a non-fiction book because of the little bits on the trees. I think it will tell me about how to grow a plant properly so it doesn’t die. And I think the person is a gardener.

  3. I think this is going to be a fiction book, I can see a boy sitting in a tree with a watering can, reading a book. I think the book is about growing things in a garden and I think the boy is a little boy and his mum and dad let him grow flowers.

  4. I can see a butterfly tree, a bird tree and a tall tree. The grass is very green and the sky is very blue.
    I think the book might be about a little boy reading a book. He has a watering can and a book so i think he likes to grow things and the book might be instructions to grow a plant or a flower.
    I don’t know who he is but he’s handsome, not as handsome as Daddy.
    I think this book might help me to grow plants and flowers.

  5. I can see a butterfly tree and a bird tree.
    A boy is sitting up in the tree reading a book, he has a watering can. I think he will be a character in the book, the story might be about his adventures.
    I can’t wait to read it tomorrow!

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