A trip to the library

Today, Matilda class enjoyed a trip to the Library!

We had a fantastic afternoon exploring the library and they had lots of fun activities planned.

When we arrived, we met Shaun who is the manager of the library. He introduced us to the different types of book we might find in the library.

Then, we played a very exciting game! We were put into groups and had to search the library to find all the right coloured letters for our group. These letters made up the title of our book. It was very fun and quite hard too – we still haven’t found one letter!

After, we were given some pictures linked to our Plant theme and coloured them in. They are going to be put on the window. Next time you walk past the library, see if you can spot yours!

We then walked back to school and enjoyed our well deserved treat for working really hard recently.

Well done Matilda Class!

What was your favourite part of the trip? I really enjoyed our walk to and from the library – we had quite a way to go and you kept up and followed our rules brilliantly! I also loved seeing how much you enjoyed being in a different setting, I hope we can go back to the library soon!

libraryMiss Gedney

13 thoughts on “A trip to the library

  1. I loved walking to and from school with our partners and also playing the game. I had lots of fun! Thank you for taking us!

    • You are very welcome Katherine – we did have a brilliant afternoon! Thank you for commenting. 1 Dojo! Miss Gedney

  2. Sam loved the trip to library, he told me all about the game and the missing letter.
    Sam says, please can we go again tomorrow.

    • I wish we could go again tomorrow Sam! I could tell you loved that letter hunt game. We hope to go back soon! 1 Dojo. Miss Gedney

  3. Yuvraj loved colouring the flower, he said that was his favourite thing about the library today and he also said he loved meeting Emily’s little baby sister.

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