My special place…

Welcome back!

It feels like we have been back for longer than 4 days as we have been so busy already. This week, we have introduced 2 lessons in a morning, a new routine for us to learn as we become more structured.

In English, we have been learning about fiction and non-fiction texts. We looked at the contents, index and glossary pages. We also ordered names in the alphabet and practiced writing days of the week.
Can you tell me the difference between fiction and non-fiction? Comment below for a dojo!

In maths, we have been looking at counting, sorting and representing numbers in different ways. We began to solve word problems today and you worked very hard!

We started our RE lessons this week, discussing special places and places that are special to us. I was really impressed with the thought that went into this and the reasoning why they are special. We had to practise answering in a full sentence using because.

‘My special place is school because I love learning’ (Henry)

‘My special place is at home because I can play with my brother and sister’ (Lukas)

‘My special place is in my bed because I can read my book’ (Shanade)

‘My special place is the yard because I get to see my horses’ (Emily)

‘My special place is Ireland because I get to see my cousins’ (Niamh)

‘My special place is my bed because it is cosy’ (Ellen)

Ask your family if they have a place that is special to them…remind them to answer in a full sentence!

Well done for another great week Matilda class!


This week, we sorted out our Nativity parts, please check book bags for details of costumes that need to be brought in my Friday 1st December please.

Key Skills: There is a new Key Skills sheet in books, please complete one activity each week from the grid. A label will be sent out for Week 6 Key Skills – you will be unable to complete this until this week.

On Monday, we have a very special performance of Pinnochio on Monday which I am looking forward to, I hope you are too.

Enjoy your weekend and remember to stay safe around any fireworks.

Miss Gedney 🙂


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