Where did all the numbers go? 

This morning when we came into the classroom, we noticed some things. 

The group tables had changed…

There were some new reasoning questions on our display…

Miss Gedney had tidied her desk…

The numbers on the 100 square had disappeared! Where did all the numbers go? 

Luckily, 20 numbers found their way into the Year 1 area and were waiting to be found! We took it in turns to hunt the numbers and looked closely at their place value, seeing how many tens and how many ones. 

When we got back into the classroom, you went straight to the hundred square and started putting it back together. Some of you worked with a friend to work out where they should be placed, using brilliant team work to help each other out. 

Fingers crossed the rest of the numbers make their way back to our classroom by the end of the week! 

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