St Benedict’s Church

Wow! What a fantastic day we had at St Benedict’s Church. 

I am incredibly proud of the behaviour, respect and understanding shown today both on our walk and in the church. It was a long walk but you didn’t moan, kept up and even said you were happy to be outside and getting some exercise! Whenever I looked behind me there was a brilliant caterpillar line with super sensible walkers. 

When we arrived at the church, we were introduced to Reverend Anne who talked about how St Benedict’s is a modern church, but still has some traditional features. 

We looked at the bible, altar and advent candles that you remembered represented peace, love, joy and hope, with the middle candle representing Jesus. The candles are lit on the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. We were lucky enough to see them all lit, and get to blow them out too! 

We explored the church and looked at what we recognised and any questions we had. Some of you spotted the tiny stained glass window too! We recreated a wedding and a christening, it was so much fun! 4 children had to hold the bible as it was so heavy. 

I loved watching you settle down in the church to do some sketching, you chose appropriate points of the church to draw and spent time adding detail. Then, after a well earned snack (a treat of biscuits!) we performed our Nativity songs to Reverend Anne and our parent helpers. 

I enjoyed seeing your enthusiasm for learning and excitement about consolidating your learning of a Christianity in a place that is so special to others, especially Reverend Anne. Your maturity was amazing, well done super stars! 

A great big thank you to our amazing parent helpers, we really could not have had such a fantastic time without your help. 

Miss Gedney 😊

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