A weekly round-up!

We had a fantastic full on week last week, here’s a round up of what we got up to.


On Monday we introduced spelling to our weekly timetable. We had a practise after break of what we have to do each week. We will send home spellings in the red reading diaries. Please practise these at home regularly for a spelling test first thing on Monday morning – a great way to kick off a new week! This term, our spelling focus is suffixes, linked to our weekly SPaG lesson. Next week, the spellings are -ing words.


Tuesday was a day of firsts! In English we started looking at Hamlet, focussing on castles! We’ve loved learning about castles, what parts they have and the job roles in a castle. I have a fantastic video to share on TLC night with some very dramatic performances!

We also started our new theme ‘The lady with the Lamp’. In history, we will be learning all about the life and work of Florence Nightingale. I was amazed at how much knowledge you came in with on Tuesday. Well done for reading your Knowledge Organisers at home! We focussed on Florence being a hero of her time and we talked about what a hero is and who our heroes are. There were some lovely pieces of work created and lots of thought went into deciding who your hero was.


Wednesday afternoon saw some budding artists practising their sketching skills! We talked about what sketching is and sketched a castle in preparation for our end of unit outcome. In maths, we’ve continued our work on addition within 10 and number facts to 10. An impressive number of children are secure with all addition and subtraction number bonds to 10 – keep it up! Mrs Chamberlain delivered a wonderful assembly on ‘Dreams and Goals’ where we discussed our New Years resolutions. Mine is to run more and drink plenty of water every day. Do you have a New Years resolution? Comment below and share it with me! 😊


More acting in English and more number bonds in maths! We read the story of the Train Ride in critical reading this week and we had to sequence the events in the story. We then had a brilliant (but short!) PE lesson, applying skills we’ve learnt in previous lessons into fun games, before a lovely assembly from Mr Williams before hometime.


To finish off a busy week of learning, we completed an independent write, writing facts about Castles, applying everything we’d learnt. I am always so impressed with the outcomes of our independent writes as it shows me how much has been learnt and what can be applied into writing, with amazing spelling and beautiful kinetic letters as an added plus! Friday afternoon was finished off with Forest School with Miss Leatherland and a great time was had by all!

Wow! When I write it all down, we have been busy, I really enjoy reflecting on our week so next week, I will aim to take more photos to include in these posts. It’s another busy one!


  • Spellings will be tested first thing
  • The 15 books can now be taken home from our Year 1 library. If you’d like to take a book home, the children can self select, or you can send me a note of which book you would like to take and return when finished.
  • JUNK! If you have any large boxes or junk, we will be junk modelling castles this week so we would be grateful to receive any of your recycling!

See you in the morning,

Miss Gedney 🙂

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