A busy term!

Wow we really did have a busy term in Matilda class!

Here are some photos to show what we have been up to.

We kicked off the term with Space Day!

We watched a hilarious show ‘Polly the Pirate’

Making arrays with Smarties!

Using imaginative description to take our friends on a guided tour of the book ‘Beegu’. This has been one of our favourite books!

More Beegu! Acting out the story 🙂

Our favourite lesson EVER! (A real quote from Matilda Class!)

We completed an experiment with ice! It was very cold but very exciting! The children were given a cube of ice to play with and see if they could melt it. Then, we had a problem, some lego men had got stuck in an ice cube…how could we get them out? We weren’t allowed to use our hands so we had to think really carefully about how we could get them out. There were some very imaginative ideas! Sun, heaters, cups of wam water and blowing on them were some of the ideas. Then, we got the hairdryer out! It took 4 minutes to get the lego man out, it was quite a long wait, watching quietly!

A fun dance lesson !

A very exciting visit from the Mayor of Northampton and Mrs Deane! The children were a bit star struck…!

A lovely end to the term with some Easter nests 🙂

Amongst all the excitement this half term we have continued to be amazing writers, mathematicians and continued to grow into mature, independent Year 1’s!

I have been looking at the pictures from September and the children have really grown!

This Easter:

  • Have fun with your families!
  • Read lots of books…which one is your favourite? Keep a note of all the books you read and tell me.
  • Try and get outside and have lots of fun, even if it’s raining, ride a bike and play in the garden. I’ll be going for lots of runs. What will you be doing?
  • Try and find some time to practise reading your HFW’s and have a go at spelling them too.
  • Go on MyMaths and look at all the activities I have set for you, there’s quite a few but you don’t have to do them all at once.
  • Enjoy your break!

Miss Gedney 😊

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