Sunflowers and Bean Seeds 🌻

As part of our Plants topic, we have grown sunflowers and bean plants.

This afternoon, we put our art skills to the test with the challenge of drawing and painting a sunflower. They are AMAZING! We had a few goes to make sure we improved each time and our sunflowers got better and better!

Here are a few pictures.

I can’t wait to show you what they look like when they are dry!

In English, we have been reading the story of the Curious Garden. It is a lovely story about the character Liam, and the journey he goes on to become a gardener after he finds an abandoned railway track with some plants. The town is boring and dull, but Liam is bringing it to life! Today, we wrote in role as the character Liam and how he felt when he discovered that it was winter and the plants have been covered in a thick icy snow. Here are some examples of our amazing writing today.

In Maths, we have been learning about capacity so have been getting messy with water, sand and rice! We learnt the terms full, half full, empty, nearly empty and nearly full. Perhaps you can put this language into some of your everyday language at home? What can you see around your house that is nearly empty or nearly full?

Finally, an update on our bean plants and sunflowers! Wow…haven’t they grown! Check out Shanade’s amazing bean plant that now has leaves! There are about 10 bean seeds that have finally begun to grow, its very exciting!

Our sunflowers are starting to look impressive too! I wonder who’s sunflower will be the tallest? They will soon be ready to come home so you can continue to grow them in your gardens, the race is on to grow the tallest sunflower!

Have a great weekend Matilda class!

Miss Gedney

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