A trip to the park!

We had a lovely afternoon at Grangewood park in the beautiful sunshine.

We took some clipboards, had a scavenger hunt and drew some pictures of the bluebells. Then, we went for a walk over the troll bridge and found a quiet spot to relax and have a yummy snack of raisins before walking back to school.

Scarlett – ‘My favourite part was drawing the bluebells’

Nikki – ‘My favourite part was the scavenger hunt’

Niamh – ‘My favourite part was drawing’

Henry – ‘I liked sketching the flowers’

Lalo – ‘I liked sketching a buttercup’

Tommy – ‘I loved the scavenger hunt’

Oscar – ‘I liked going over the troll bridge’

Ellen – ‘I enjoyed having a snack in the forest!’

We had such a lovely afternoon and I hope we can go again soon!


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