Australia Quiz

I have just updated the settings of our Australia quiz from yesterdays Key Skills blog post (click to see it) and now anyone with this link below should be able to respond.

Enjoy the lovely weekend weather and I hope to see lots of you at the summer fete tomorrow!

Miss Gedney

Key Skills

Hi all,
As next week is transition week, we will not be setting Key Skills as such in the children’s Key Skills books.

We have set a few new activities on MyMaths if you wish to complete these. These are based on money and time – both topics that we have been learning about recently. These tasks are open until the end of term.

Please can you also complete the Australia Quiz that we have set for this topic.

There are no right or wrong answers and all answers will be viewed by myself and Miss Leatherland. The purpose of this quiz is to gain an understanding of the children’s knowledge of our Australia topic. If you have any problems accessing this quiz then please let us know.

Thank you

Miss Gedney

Woburn Round Up

Wow! What a day we had today. We had a fantastic day, it was sunny but we kept hydrated and we found lots of shade where possible.

At first, we weren’t sure about the safari…many children had not experienced a safari before, however when we got going we began to enjoy it more when we saw more and more animals appear. We were so close to the lions, tigers, bears, wolves and monkeys, it was amazing!

The most hilarious part of our journey through the safari….the monkey going to the toilet on our wing mirror!

We then went for a classroom session where we were able to talk about animal habitats and the food that some of them eat. We enjoyed seeing the animal fur that the teacher had. At the end, she brought out an amazing snake called Savannah. The children were so quiet and got the chance to stroke it if they wanted to. Many children initially said no, but when they saw their friends being brave, they had a go!

After that, we went to desert springs to meet Dan who told us all about the lovely meerkats.

Finally, it was lunch time! The moment we had all been waiting for!

We were joined at lunchtime by lots of ducks – they were hungry too!

It was time for the walking safari and we enjoyed meeting some elephants, penguins, sea lions, lemurs, wallabies and even some goats. Mrs Guerin had a lemur on her shoulder and she didn’t even realise!

Here are some pictures of us enjoying the penguins!

Thank you so much to our wonderful parent helpers – we couldn’t have had such an amazing trip without your help!

Unfortunately, our special treat hadn’t frozen in time, so we can have them tomorrow!

Well done Matilda class, we had a great day, you behaved beautifully and we are all so proud of you!

Thank you also to Robinson class for joining us on our trip, we loved having you come with us!

Miss Gedney

On the way home

We have had a fantastically fun (sweaty!) day at Woburn, our favourite bits were the monkeys, the penguins and the lemurs!

My favourite part was seeing all the children being brave and stroking Savannah the snake.

We are on our way home for a frozen treat waiting for us in the freezer…we need it!

We are in the lead…!

We are currently in the lead in the SdS 100 Books for Everyone competition! Wow!! 

Congratulations to those children who have completed all 15 books to read in Year 1.

In Matilda class alone, we have 13 children! We are nearly half way there, can we continue this winning streak?

Please let me know if you have finished your 15 books and show me your sheet as soon as possible so I can add to the list and give you your well deserved certificate.

There is a prize for the year group who has the most children who have completed the challenge. Its an amazing prize and we really want to win!

Your commitment to reading this year has been inspiring…keep it up! 🙂

Miss Gedney 🙂

Year 1 Key Skills Quiz

Hi everyone,

Just an update on the Key Skills quiz. Thanks so much to those that have already completed the quiz.

Please don’t worry about the scores and whether your answers are marked as right or wrong, the answers are just to show myself and Miss Leatherland what you have learnt throughout the topic. I have really enjoyed reading your responses and look forward to seeing some more.

Please find the link below if you have not already found it. 

Don’t forget to put your name – I added this in last minute when I realised I couldn’t tell who had already completed the quiz! Sorry for those who didn’t put their name, you don’t have to complete it again!

Miss Gedney