Year 1 Key Skills Quiz

Please complete this quiz as part of your Key Skills this week.

This is for the end of our science topic. We have learnt everything that is in this quiz!

The questions that require a written response need to be accurate, try your best to answer what you can.

Have a great weekend!

Year One Team

A trip to the park!

We had a lovely afternoon at Grangewood park in the beautiful sunshine.

We took some clipboards, had a scavenger hunt and drew some pictures of the bluebells. Then, we went for a walk over the troll bridge and found a quiet spot to relax and have a yummy snack of raisins before walking back to school.

Scarlett – ‘My favourite part was drawing the bluebells’

Nikki – ‘My favourite part was the scavenger hunt’

Niamh – ‘My favourite part was drawing’

Henry – ‘I liked sketching the flowers’

Lalo – ‘I liked sketching a buttercup’

Tommy – ‘I loved the scavenger hunt’

Oscar – ‘I liked going over the troll bridge’

Ellen – ‘I enjoyed having a snack in the forest!’

We had such a lovely afternoon and I hope we can go again soon!


Grangewood Park

Tomorrow, Year 1 are going on a lovely walk to Grangewood park to see the bluebells, sketch some flowers and observe what flowers and plants we can see in the park. We will also have time for a small scavenger hunt.

The weather looks to be perfect for our walk, so please remember hats and suncream in the morning!

I can’t wait to take you and see what we can find! We have loved our plants topic and this will be a fantastic experience!

Miss Gedney


Sunflowers and Bean Seeds 🌻

As part of our Plants topic, we have grown sunflowers and bean plants.

This afternoon, we put our art skills to the test with the challenge of drawing and painting a sunflower. They are AMAZING! We had a few goes to make sure we improved each time and our sunflowers got better and better!

Here are a few pictures.

I can’t wait to show you what they look like when they are dry!

In English, we have been reading the story of the Curious Garden. It is a lovely story about the character Liam, and the journey he goes on to become a gardener after he finds an abandoned railway track with some plants. The town is boring and dull, but Liam is bringing it to life! Today, we wrote in role as the character Liam and how he felt when he discovered that it was winter and the plants have been covered in a thick icy snow. Here are some examples of our amazing writing today.

In Maths, we have been learning about capacity so have been getting messy with water, sand and rice! We learnt the terms full, half full, empty, nearly empty and nearly full. Perhaps you can put this language into some of your everyday language at home? What can you see around your house that is nearly empty or nearly full?

Finally, an update on our bean plants and sunflowers! Wow…haven’t they grown! Check out Shanade’s amazing bean plant that now has leaves! There are about 10 bean seeds that have finally begun to grow, its very exciting!

Our sunflowers are starting to look impressive too! I wonder who’s sunflower will be the tallest? They will soon be ready to come home so you can continue to grow them in your gardens, the race is on to grow the tallest sunflower!

Have a great weekend Matilda class!

Miss Gedney

How to grow a sunflower

On a beautiful sunny afternoon, we went outside for our Science topic, Plants!

We have been looking closely at the parts of a plant and what their job is. We have already learnt some interesting facts such as:

Plants need water, sunlight and air to help it grow.

Can you think of any more facts about plants that we have learnt this week?

This afternoon, we decided to put our hats on and take our learning outside.

First, we looked at 3 different plants. We looked for all the parts of the plant that we had learnt: stem, roots, leaf, flower and bud. Then, we started to deconstruct the plant and got hands on with it. We pulled it out of the pot and were amazed by the amount of roots we could see!After that, we went back inside and started to read some instructions. They gave us step by step instructions to help us plant a sunflower seed. After carefully listening to the instructions and labelling a plant pot, we went back outside and followed the instructions to plant our own sunflower seed. Hopefully, in 1-2 weeks we will start to see a shoot coming out of the soil. Then, you can take your sunflower home and watch it grow!

We looked at some pictures of huge sunflowers and now the race is on to grow the tallest sunflower! We’ve had a brilliant first week back and I’m already looking forward to the rest of a bright and sunny summer term!

Have a great weekend

Miss Gedney 🙂

PE Tomorrow

We will be doing outdoor PE tomorrow as normal.

Please can you ensure your child has an appropriate sun hat and sun cream applied in the morning. We won’t take the children out for a long time in the sun and will stay in the shade where possible, but they must have a hat or they will stay inside for PE.

Thanks in advance

Miss Gedney 🙂

A busy term!

Wow we really did have a busy term in Matilda class!

Here are some photos to show what we have been up to.

We kicked off the term with Space Day!

We watched a hilarious show ‘Polly the Pirate’

Making arrays with Smarties!

Using imaginative description to take our friends on a guided tour of the book ‘Beegu’. This has been one of our favourite books!

More Beegu! Acting out the story 🙂

Our favourite lesson EVER! (A real quote from Matilda Class!)

We completed an experiment with ice! It was very cold but very exciting! The children were given a cube of ice to play with and see if they could melt it. Then, we had a problem, some lego men had got stuck in an ice cube…how could we get them out? We weren’t allowed to use our hands so we had to think really carefully about how we could get them out. There were some very imaginative ideas! Sun, heaters, cups of wam water and blowing on them were some of the ideas. Then, we got the hairdryer out! It took 4 minutes to get the lego man out, it was quite a long wait, watching quietly!

A fun dance lesson !

A very exciting visit from the Mayor of Northampton and Mrs Deane! The children were a bit star struck…!

A lovely end to the term with some Easter nests 🙂

Amongst all the excitement this half term we have continued to be amazing writers, mathematicians and continued to grow into mature, independent Year 1’s!

I have been looking at the pictures from September and the children have really grown!

This Easter:

  • Have fun with your families!
  • Read lots of books…which one is your favourite? Keep a note of all the books you read and tell me.
  • Try and get outside and have lots of fun, even if it’s raining, ride a bike and play in the garden. I’ll be going for lots of runs. What will you be doing?
  • Try and find some time to practise reading your HFW’s and have a go at spelling them too.
  • Go on MyMaths and look at all the activities I have set for you, there’s quite a few but you don’t have to do them all at once.
  • Enjoy your break!

Miss Gedney 😊

Books, books, books!

Happy Weekend Matilda Class, I hope you have all had an enjoyable and adventurous weekend!

This week, it was announced in Star of the Week assembly who had read all 15 books from the Year 1 list. In total, we have 8 children who have already read all 15 – wow! Well done to those children, your certificates will be presented tomorrow.

I know there are lots of you who are really close to reading all 15. Don’t forget to tell me when you’re finished so I can ask you some questions about the books you have read.

For those of you still reading (or those who have finished and would like a challenge), have a look at the questions below that I have written for each book. There are lots of different questions to choose from.

With world book day coming up, I would like you to think about your favourite book and be able to tell me why it is your favourite so get thinking! I am coming dressed as my favourite book on Thursday. Can you guess what it is?

I am so proud of how much you love reading and an continually amazed by how much you read at home – keep it up!

Miss Gedney

P.S. Apologies to those of you who have left comments on recent blog posts – I have only just found them so will add on some dojos for your comments, thank you for commenting!

Out of this World! 🚀

We had a fantastic day today, immersing ourselves into our new Space topic. We split into groups and did a round robin of activities, painting moon pictures, icing biscuits, looking at how meteors and asteroids make craters in the moon and decorating our own space helmet!

We prepared for take off and launched ourselves into the playground, landing on the ‘Moon Stage’ for a Space picture.

This afternoon we made split pin astronauts and raced balloon rockets outside! What a great day we had!

What was your favourite part of the day?

Miss Gedney

Stay and Read 📚

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our stay and read event this afternoon, it was a roaring success! It was so brilliant to see everyone reading, sharing some poems we had been learning and finding our favourite books.

I can’t wait until the next one!

What was you favourite part of the stay and read event today?

We have lots of favourite books in Matilda class! Can you ask your family what their favourite book is? This could be a book as an adult or a child!

Miss Gedney